The story of ( is the story of the entrepreneur. The dreamer. The disruptor. The risk taker. That restless soul possessed by a vision for a better world who ventures into unchartered lands without maps or guideposts, navigating risk and uncertainty. Again and again. All for the joy of creating new life and new value for the world.

My name is M. Sebastian and i am the founder of ( I always tried to start an online business, but always I give priority to others and made me quit every time. As the world of work changes, my mission is to share my skills and knowledge and strives to guide, empower and inspire people to start a small business.

The differentiation is that I have started from nothing. Every one of us is in the exact same position we once were. And just like my startup and small business owner customers, we are a small business. So I truly understand your challenges.

Simple, I show you where I work and who I am, so you understand who you are ”buying” from. Part of my story is your story.

I am an immigrant who came to the Czech Republic as migrant worker in Brno at IBM and at that time I get even married because I meet the women of my dreams. At IBM I have learned that “opportunity” is what we choose to do with the circumstances we are given and I committed myself to learn everything I could from anyone who would teach me about the growing internet industry.

I want to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for all new bloggers where we can share ideas, collaborate, and motivate each other. I know that because we're all new bloggers we should not be in competition with one another, but support each other instead so that together as a community we'll succeed.

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate your time.

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